Department of Education

SAIFIA COLLEGE was established by Saifia Education Society in the year 1956 as a degree College with a primary objective of Imparting education, Training and Research.Since its inception as a primary school (Madarsa) the institution has flourished into a Degree College and subsequently into a PG College with high quality of research facilities.It has the honor of producing more than 250 Ph.D’s amongst thousands and thousands of graduates, post-graduates, research scholars and teachers in the field of Science, Arts, Commerce, Education and Law.

Saifia College of Science and Education offers Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Programme since 1970. The college is affiliated by Barkatullah University and the course is recognized by NCTE, New Delhi. It is a 2 year Teacher Training Programme including specialized courses in the discipline of education and related Practical/Field work and Internship. College offers smart classes, music, art & handicrafts classes, personality development classes and language development classes for trainee teachers and preparation classes for various competitive exams. College also organizes seminars, workshops and other activities related to course like plantation, exhibitions etc

Mandatory Disclosure

    B. Ed.                       100 Seats


Student Details NCTE B.Ed.1st sem 2019-2020
S.No.Student NameDOBFather Name Mother Name GenderCasteVillageCityState
1Umesh Sahu07-05-90Mulchand SahuTara SahuMaleOBCsilwaniSilwaniMADHYA PRADESH 
2Khurshid Ahmed Ansari06-08-93Munaf Ahmed AnsariRooma AnsariMaleOBCAshok NagerChanderiMADHYA PRADESH 
3Brajesh Kumar23/04/1992Jaypal RekhaFemaleSCBhimpurBetulMADHYA PRADESH 
4Anam khan23/09/1998Mohd Asif khanAyesha KhanFemaleGeneralLateriVidishaMADHYA PRADESH 
5Mohamad khalid01-02-95Mohommad  MajidFarzana BegumMaleOBCBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
6Dewanshi Ghorse27/02/1998Santosh GhorseKamaliya GhorseFemaleSCBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
7Nidhi Pandey07-11-98kunjal Prasad PandeyPremvati PandeyFemaleGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
8Namra Azim17/07/1998Mohommad AzimShahida AzimFemaleGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
9Khadija Saleem24/08/1998Saleem khanNusrat khan FemaleGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
10Prathna Rajput11-06-96Imrat Singh RajputParvati RajputFemaleGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
11Mousumi Sarkar18/02/1989Babu SarkarChaina SarkarFemaleSCBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
12Priya Choudhary25/08/1990Hemant Kumar ChoudharyRajni ChoudharyFemaleGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
13Munira Jafri01-04-98Mujahid JafriMarzia ArifFemaleGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
14Simran Vidhani30-10-1997Purshottam VidhaniDivya VidhaniFemaleGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
15Afeen Baksh17/06/1991Mehboob BakshShahida BakshFemaleGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
16Rafiya Akhtar07-08-89Naeem AkhtarFarida AkhtarFemaleOBCBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
17Goutami Shetty29/01/1998Anil ShettySaraswati ShettyFemaleGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
18Nibha Kumari03-04-99Ram Dular Singhkanchan DeviFemaleGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
19Shivanand Malviya03-05-97Jagdish MalviyaUsha MalviyaMaleOBCHardaHardaMADHYA PRADESH 
20Pallavi Mokode15-11-1998BaburavPremlataFemaleOBCBetulBetulMADHYA PRADESH 
21Insisa Hasan09-01-98Zia-Ul-HasanMeher Bano FemaleGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
22Sarah Khan14-10-1997Rehan KhanSheeba RehanFemaleGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
23Kosar Jahan01-07-89Yaqoob AhnedShahana AhnedFemaleGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
24Fatima Bano27/2/1998Mohd HussainYasmeen BanoFemaleGeneralAliganjBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
25Akhansha Dubey30/8/1994Suresh Prasad DubeyRatna DubeyFGENRALChandbarhBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
26Farha Naz13/01/1988mohd. yousuf khanhashida biFGENRALBhoipuraBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
27Asma Khan09-06-90Irshed KhanSeema BeeFGENRALMahatma Gandhi R/DLateriMADHYA PRADESH 
28Firdous Qureshi 24/3/1999Saleem QureshiNasrat QnuesrhiFGENRALChachodaBinaganj MADHYA PRADESH 
29Sakina Hatim06-05-96kutbuddinZainab KutbuddinFGENRALAliganjBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
30Mantasha Ali25-03-1998Maqsoom AliArefa AliFGENRALNizamuudinBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
31Sakina Kosar05-02-98Ali KosarSaleha Ali KosarFGENRALBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
32Seema Bhavedi14/5/1997Choorman BhavediSmt.Phool Bai BhavediFSTHarisinghouriMandlaMADHYA PRADESH 
33Mubarika Bano21/2/1993Liaquat HussainZehra TabassumFGENRALold Saifia Clg R/DBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
34Kirti chouskey02-01-94Raj Kumar ChoukseyPhoola BaiFOBCKuranaHujurMADHYA PRADESH 
35avinash chauhan16/3/1994ShambhunathLalita ChouhanMOBCBagsewaniyaBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
36Bushra Khan22/7/1986Mujahid KhanToheed FatmaFGeneralBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
37vikas Kumar04-03-92Poonam SinghKunwar SinghMSCNILLaharMADHYA PRADESH 
38Momina Ashfaque25/9/1995Ashfaque AhmedShaheen AshfaqueFGeneralkarondBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
39Aparna Modak18/3/1994Nitish ModokeMinali ModokeFOBCBhopalBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
40Mukesh singh lodhi07-03-86Purshottam Singh LodhiSuraj BaiMOBCShahapurSagarMADHYA PRADESH 
41Pragati Vishwakarma15/8/1998Vishnu PrasadMeena BaiFOBCShamshabadVidishaMADHYA PRADESH 
42Prachi Jadhav29/06/1993Bhanudas JadhavRanjana JadhavFGenearl80 fit RoadBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
43Hemlata Sharma01-01-84Rajesh SharmaAyodhya VishwakarmaFGenralAirport RoadBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
44Sabiha Kamaal Khan27/08/1995Kamaal Khan KamaalLatifa BanoFGeneralAirport RoadBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
45Mariyam Sohail30/09/1995Sohail AhmedSadaf SohailFGeneralRAIT GHATBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
46Zainab Vohra16/8/1990kaizerfaridaFGeneralChowki ImamBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
47Reshika Thakur15/6/1992Praveen Singh ThakurJyoti ThakurFGeneralAirport RoadBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
48Jagannath Chaurasiya30/6/1998dinesh prasadsantra baiMOBC
49Syed Sami Rizvi10/11/1990Syed Ezhar RizviNaheedMGeneralJahangirabadBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
50Aditi Garg04/11/1997Raj Kumar GargSandhyaFGeneral
51Swati Kushwaha17/01/2000KashiramRashmi KushwahaFOBCShamshabadVidishaMADHYA PRADESH 
52Farha Ali30/9/1984Meer Azam AliNahid AliFGeneralDilKhusha BaghBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
53Gayatri Malakar17/9/98Mangilal MalakarSunitaFOBCKhilchipurRajgarhMADHYA PRADESH 
54Poonam Dudey01-06-94Rajendra DubeyJayvatiFGeneralBudhiBalaghatMADHYA PRADESH 
55Anshual Bhargava10-08-98Maratuanjay BargavaHemlataMGeneralsilwaniRaisenMADHYA PRADESH 
56Neelu Mishra13/7/1991Brij Bihari MishraVeena MishraFGeneralAshoka GardenBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
57Saima Siddqui27/8/1992Abdul Baqul SiddiquiGajala AnjumFGeneralJahangirabadBhopalMADHYA PRADESH 
Area ( in sq.meter )
Total Build-up Area Mentioned in the Building Completion Certificate 3550.49
Health and Physical Education Resource Center142.52
Principal Office 35.48
Staff Room29.72
Administrative Office 26.47
Girls Common Room51.70
Seminar Room 122.07
Separate Toilet Facility For Boys 4.64
Separate Toilet Facility For Girls4.64
Parking Space 91.57
Store Room27.87
Multipurpose Play Field4046.86
Multipurpose Hall130.06
Library Cum-Reading Room 342.34
ICT Resource Center45.29
Curriculum Laboratory 54.99
Art & Craft Resource Center38.69
Teaching Learning Resource Center for Arts & Learn Experience 28.79
Facilities Added During Last Quarter
Area ( in sq.meter )
Library Cum-Reading Room 342.34
Curriculum Laboratory 54.99
Art & Craft Resource Center38.69
Teaching Learning Resource Center for Arts & Learn Experience 28.79
1.Number of Books3960
2.Number of Journals(...)09
3.Number of Encyclopedia09
4.Seating Capacity50

B.Ed. Programe

Saifia College of Science & Education offers Bachelor of  Education (B.Ed.) program, which is both general and specialized, and meant for candidates desires of pursuing B.Ed. program in education  on Full-Time basis.

The B.Ed. Course offered comprise of theory including specialized courses in the discipline of education and related practical/field work including internship.

Duration of Course:

B.Ed. program is of two year duration (Full-Time), having 4 Semesters.


Intake is of 100 B.Ed. graduates


  1. Registration/University enrollment fee for Rs.160/- will be charged for M.P board/BU passed out students.
  2. Registration/University enrollment fee for Rs.320/- will be charged for other boards or university passed out students.

Admission shall be given on the basis of merit marks obtained in the qualifying examination and/or entrance examination or any other selection process as per the policy of the state government.

Relaxation shall be given to eligible ST/ST/OBC/Other category, as per the rules of the Central/State Government.

Saifia College of Science and Education is one of the pioneer and oldest educational institutions of Madhya Pradesh. The College is established in 2.65 acres of land with more than 75,000 sq. ft. of built-up area. This includes Fully furnished Class rooms, Centralized Labs, Library, Canteen,Art and Craft Resource Room, Music Room, Seminar Hall, Play-ground, Open air auditorium, Common rooms, Recreational areas and ample guarded area for safe parking of vehicles.

Psychology Lab
Science Lab
Language Lab
Music Room
Art and Craft Room
Seminar Hall


Saifia College has a very spacious and rich Centralized library with all modern facilities available. It provides following facilities to students, staffs and Research Scholar. Library has dedicated B.Ed section in tune with the need of the course which includes

NCERT journal of Education
Journals from Indian Academy of Science
Journals from NCTE

  • Separate seating provided for staffs and research scholars in study room.
  • Facility of subject and general encyclopaedia in the library for students, staffs and research scholars.
  • Reference section for study.
  • Arrangement for reading periodicals and News Papers.
  • Books issue and return facility for staffs and students.
  • Facility of General and Departmental library for graduate and post graduate students.
  • Availability of books of various topics such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Biotechnology, Zoology, Microbiology, Education Literature etc.
  • A collection of about 22,000 books is available.
  1. Indian Modern Education (Bhatiya)
  2. Indian Education Review
  3. Journal of Indian Education
  4. School Science
  5. Primary Teacher
  6. PrathamikShikshak (Hindi)
  1. Journal of Bio-Science
  2. Journal of Genetics
  3. Proceeding Math-Science

1.Anveshika (Hindi)
3.Journal of  Teaching Education

1.Comptition Success Review –Delhi

2.M.P.Sandesh   -Bhopal

Total Journals and Magazines—-14

Education B.Ed, M.Ed.—–2400

Pedagogy of subject ——–1100

Research Methodology——110

Reference Book —————450

Total no.of Books=4060

Achievement of B.Ed. Department

1.Saifia College is an Exam center of seven B.Ed. Colleges
2. Best work award “Walk for Democracy” By Governor of MP (26/1/2019)
3. Poster Competition Organized by B.Ed. Department at College level “Walk for Democracy”. Poster (selected by collector for Banner)
6. B.Ed. 2018-Result-100%
7. Voting Awareness Program( Mehandi Competition , Drama/Nukkadnatak , Poster Making , Essay Competition)
8. Seven Days workshop on “What is B.Ed. Curriculum” Organized by Department of education for the first time in Bhopal

Regular Activities

  1. Group discussion classes- Every Day After Class
  2. Technology awareness programs-Every Wednesday
  3. Craft Classes –Every Friday
  4. Stress Management-Every Saturday
  5. Personality Development Classes-Every Saturday
  6. Presentation Skills Classes- last week of every month
  7. Health Awareness Classes –last week of every month
  8. Extra Classes for exam preparation
  9. Orientation Classes at the beginning of the Session.


1.Eudcational Trip –Feb 2015
2.Music Workshop ( Indian classical music)-April 2017
3.Padhe Bhopal-10th sep2018
4.Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) Awareness-28th Sep 2018
5.VVPAT (Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail )-28th Sep 2018
6.Swatch BharatAbhiyan- 08th Oct2018
7.World Food Day – 16thOct 2018
8.MahatamaGhandhi 150th century celebration :Poster making on Ghandhi thoughts.-25th Oct 2018
9.Mehandi Competition-25th Oct2018
10.Carriers Guidance-26th October 2018
11. Bhopal Will Run-11th Nov 2018
12.Walk for Democracy-26th Jan 2019
13.Walk for democracy-7thAp 2019
14.InternationalYoga day- 21st July 2019

Result( last 3 sessions )

2017-2019100% (till 3 rd Sem)
2019-2021 98% (1 st Sem)

National Unity Day organized by Saifia College of Science and Education, Bhopal

Saifia College of Science and Education celebrated National Unity Day on 31st Oct 2019. Various programs i.e.- pleadge taking ceremony, debate, run for unity etc were organized under the guidance of the college secretary Mr. Zainuddin Shah, Director Dr. Hasan Abbas, Registrar Mr. Sadiq Ali, Principal Saifia Science College Dr. Shariq Ali, Principal Saifia College of Education Dr. Neelu Sameer. All the students and teachers took pledge to stand for unity and integrity of the nation. They discussed and shared the role of Sardar Patel and his struggle to establish our harmonious society. B.Ed. Students Mausmi Sarkar, Alefiyah Naib, Abhilasha Kumari stood first, second, and third respectively in debate competition.

Department Gallery

History of Bhoj

(M.P. Bhoj (Open) University) Study center

M.P.Bhoj(Open) University started it Study Center in SaifiaCollege of Science and Education from the year 2007. The study center provides tuition classes for one month and also conducts CCE Exam along with theory and practical exams with 100% result.


It’s a 2 year Teacher Training Programme (yearly course), including specialized courses in the discipline of education and related practicals. The College also offers Smart classes, plantations, handicrafts, music classes, personality development classes for trainee teachers, language development classes.


1.Language development Classes
2.Music Classes
3.Personality Development Classes
5.Craft Classes



Placements Records


Shahjahan Farooqui( Advocate ,High Court)
Mrs. Zareena Imran (Govt school Head mistress)
Mrs. Shaleha Khan (Assistant Prof)
Mr. Hasan  Abbas (Principal, Saifiacollege )
Mrs. Yasmeen Parveen (Assistant Prof)
Arif Aqueel (Cabinet Minister)
Shumaila Khan  (Govt school Principal )
Mrs. Razia (Govt school teacher)
Ayesha khan  (Assistant Prof)
Mrs. Aatika Jasnavi (Govt school teacher)