The Institutions are managed by Saifia Education Society, Saifia College Road, Bhopal.

The society is registered under society's Act having Registration No. 6 of 1958. The following are the members of the governing Body (Managing Committee).

1.  Mr. Ahsan Husain     -   President


2.  Mr. Zainuddin Shah  - Secretary

     B.E. Mechanical, DPM(London)

3.  Dr. Nade Ali Shah  - Joint Secretary


3.  Mr. Ziauddin Shah  - Treasurer

4.  Dr. Naseema A. Husain  - Member


6.  Dr Naseem Jamal  -  Member


7.  Mr. Shahbuddin Shah -  Member


8. Dr. Hasan Abbas  -  Member

    Ex. Officio (Principal Saifia Science College).

9. Dr. A. P. Singh  - Member

      Ex. Officio (Principal Saifia College of Arts & Commerce)